Our actual customers from all over the world

Clients who have chosen us for their serene and peaceful Sicilian holidays, but above all full of emotions that they will carry in their
hearts forever.
  • Small sicilian lunch and wine tasting
  • Entrance to the caves of Ulysses
  • Aci Trezza, lachea island Aperitif on the board
  • Sicilian food unites the United States and Italy
  • After Andy Garcia, (The Godfather Part 3) comes yo
  • Acireale at night
  • a bath in crystal clear waters
  • The first look at the Sicilian sea
  • Discovering the caves of Ulysses.
  • A boat trip?
  • Aci Trezza and its church full of history.
  • A break after a beautiful swim.
  • Aci Trezza and i Faraglioni
  • Aci Trezza and Lachea Island